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Tyler Tedrow

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About Tyler Tedrow

Tyler Tedrow is a professional who is inspired by the endless opportunities that science and technology offer the world today. From simplifying healthcare to facilitating space travel, these areas of study have consistently paved the way for a better future on all levels. While we still have a long way to go, our knowledge and resources have increased exponentially within the past few years alone — and we are faced with exciting new developments just about every day.

Healthcare technology is particularly interesting to Tyler. Technological advances are sweeping through the industry and are redefining the channels of healthcare available to people around the world, especially those in underdeveloped or rural areas. In their 2016 Physician Trends report, Jackson HealthCare shared that a whopping 90% of surveyed healthcare executives reported that their organizations were beginning to develop or implement telemedicine programs. This is just one example of the role that technology plays in increasing the accessibility of healthcare.

As healthcare systems improve, so too do the solutions they offer, all thanks to technological developments. From 3D printing medical devices to using nanotechnology for diagnostic or preventive purposes, we can expect technology to be a major influencing factor on the future of medical applications worldwide.

Tyler Tedrow is also interested in space technology. With companies like SpaceX redefining the industry and revitalizing people’s interests in exploring the universe, there is no doubt that we live in an exciting time. Even if our major developments are slow-going, we can seek out learning opportunities in institutions around the United States, such as the iconic Kennedy Space Center in Florida. As a resident of Winter Park, Florida, Tyler enjoys traveling out to the Center whenever he can.

Beyond these sectors, Tyler Tedrow is interested in the evolution of technology in general. He enjoys keeping up with developments such as new smartphone software updates, advancements in cloud computing, gaming capabilities on PCs, and more. No matter what outlet in which it is used, there is no doubt that it technology a definitive factor not just in today’s world, but in tomorrow’s. Tyler is passionate about the many opportunities it holds, and he believes that people should be exposed to science and technology at a young age so that they can keep up with the industries of today and discover their own interests.

This blog will focus on exciting updates in science and technology in today’s fast-paced world.